Your vote matters to me, and my service should matter to you. I am Scott Hall and I am a lifelong resident of this great county. I grew up here, went to high school here, worked here, got married here, and raised my family here. Halifax County matters to me, and the Office of the Sheriff should matter to you.

I have spent over 25 dedicated years protecting and serving the wonderful people of Halifax County. I have always tried to treat people with respect and dignity. I have worked to uncover evil and corruption. I have missed holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries with my family because I was serving with pride the people of Halifax County. I did this because you matter to me.

From Airlie to White Oak and every community in between, I have worked to make sure that you and your families were safe and secure. I have served all citizens in our diverse County because all of you matter to me. You will not find anyone that works harder for you. I will give you my heart and soul, and I dream of a safe and secure county that is similar to that when I was a child. I do this because you matter to me. When you go to vote remember Scott Hall. I am the best candidate for the honor to serve as your Sheriff. You matter to me, and I would love to have your vote. I look forward to continuing to serve and protect you and your families. I am grateful that you have taken some time to get to know me. I will not let you down.

Your vote matters to me!